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We are excited to partner with the following manufacturers. The gear is some of the best available, their company ethos is commendable and they are great to work with. Day after day these excellent products perform in all types of conditions impeccably well. We’ve known many of the folks in this industry for a long time and consider them our friends.

The Ace-Tec Wing is our workhorse. Incredibly durable yet lightweight it is friendly, fun and versatile. If we need to jump on a plane and take a board, we have the SUP AIR boards. What’s not to love about a board that rolls into a backpack style bag that can be checked as luggage or simply thrown in the trunk of your car? We love the Tracer series of "Touring Racers", great for daytripping and multi-day expeditions. The Cross series hits a home run for a friendly, stable recreation board in a number of sizes.

Steve's BIC SUP Ambassador page                                 Cindy's BIC SUP Ambassador page

A paddle is the precision instrument that can enhance your performance and “enlighten” your experience! Werner’s all carbon foam core paddles are balanced and they move smoothly through the water with ease and control. We use the Trance and Flow series of SUP paddles and believe a foam core blade maximizes the joy of moving a boards thru the water.

Wet, cold and shivering or hot, sweaty and sunburned, it’s a simple fact that as humans we are pretty vulnerable to the elements and we need protection. Kokatat's legendary drysuits provide immersion protection in water that’s a little too cold for comfort and safety. When paddling where it’s hot and sunny, clothing that is multi-functional with a UPF rating will save our skin. Since the mid ‘80s we’ve relied on Kokatat and they absolutely deliver quality, customer service and dependable product.

Steve's KOKATAT Ambassador page                               Cindy's KOKATAT Ambassador page

Watershed, their name states it. Items we can’t afford to sacrifice to the elements – electronics, spare clothing and survival kits are protected in fully submersible, completely dry and airtight drybags. The Aleutian Deck Bag is the go to bag for accessibility and the duffels provide ample storage for longer trips. Superior abrasion and UV resistance of the material keeps us worry free when items are in the bags, on top of the boards and in camp.

Our rescue kit always includes a tow system just in case a paddler needs help. If they are fatigued, injured, ill or if conditions just get too rough, knowing we can offer assistance is a necessity. North Water has generously supplied us with a variety of towline configurations that we’ll use and train with to optimize safety while on the water. They also offer some great deck bag systems that can organize equipment on board.

SUPs are considered vessels by the US Coast Guard. This makes it mandatory to carry an USCG approved lifejacket on a SUP when outside a surfing, swimming or bathing area. We choose to always wear an inherently buoyant life jacket or an inflatable belt pack. The belt packs by MTI are a wonderful option when we want to be legal, yet need something lighter and cooler. Our dog Piper loves her Underdog PFD (Personal Flotation for Dogs). It helps her swim and looks cool too!  Attention to detail in fit, form and function make MTI an easy choice.

Transporting the toys via the car is an art form and Thule’s specialty. They make the fun possible  with secure racks, boxes and carrier systems to fit just about every configuration. Yay!

Keeping food and drinks cold while traveling is mandatory for road warriors. Keeping stuff cold while paddling is pretty sweet too. Orion Coolers are some of the best out there.  Made in the USA by our friends over at Jackson Kayaks!

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