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When we decided to travel the country, sharing the SUP stoke, we knew we needed to learn the tricks of living full time in an RV.  This page describes some of the things that work well for us while living on the road.

2013 FORD E-250 Cargo Van
2012 ESCAPE 19 Trailer

For the TV, or Tow Vehicle in RV talk, we wanted a cargo van that would become the gear storage unit and portable classroom.  It had to get reasonable fuel economy ( we get 12-14 MPG) be powerful enough to pull around our home (4.6 Liter V/8) and be comfortable to drive.  We found a used U-Haul van with low miles and converted it into a great rig for the job. Insulation, paneling, some shelving and a Thule roof rack and we were set. We can drop the trailer off at the campground and shuttle to the water with everything we need.


For the TT, or Travel Trailer in RV talk, we wanted something that was self-contained and comfortable enough to live on board for 6 months at a time.  The ESCAPE TRAILER is an Egg Shell trailer built out of fiberglass like a boat.  It's molded top and bottom and then seamed around the middle, just like a kayak!  (go figure)  Egg trailers are unique, very durable, weatherproof and hold their value well.  The 19 foot model features a full queen bed, wet bath with shower, fully functional galley, dedicated dinette and tons of storage space. Last year we added the storage box up front, a huge thumbs up!


Outside propane quick-release hook-up

Food. One of the necessities of life. Cooking is very important to us and we knew we would be grilling outside, alot. An outside hook-up provides the perfect access to propane for a grill or portable campfire.  We also purchased the optional griddle. Perfect for fish fillets, pancakes and bacon.  Added benefit is cooking outside when it's hot is a bonus.  No heat build up in the trailer!

 12 volt LED Holiday lights

We found some 12 volt LED holiday lights and made a nice awning lighting package.  We tied them to a cord and string them from one awning arm to the other. They work well at giving the campsite a festive look and provide some nice light around the trailer at night.

Monday Camping

If you check-in to a campground on SUNDAY night you are likely to find a bunch of firewood that the weekend crew didn't burn! This pile of wood was collected in 10 minutes after we checked in.  It was enough wood for a couple days!

Wally World Free Camping

Most RVers know this but most Wal Mart parking lots are open for camping free of charge. We use a smartphone app called RVPARKY to get us the latest local camping opportunities, all the way from free to luxury RV parks. Great information right on your phone!

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