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American Canoe Association


The American Canoe Association has been making the world a better place to paddle since 1880. They have been teaching paddlesports since 1972 when the instructor certification program began.  The paddlesport instruction system is time-tested and an industry leader when it comes to learning how to paddle.


Paddlesport instruction is but one aspect of the ACA.  They are involved in stewardship and recreation as well. 

When it concerns paddling the ACA is probably there working to make it better!


Following is a list of links that will better inform you about the ACA and what it can do for you.


Check out the ACA website for all kinds of paddling information.


The American Canoe Association Homepage


Join the ACA


ACA Stewardship


ACA SUP Curriculum and Assessments


ACA Instructor Criteria


ACA Paddle Ready  Smartphone App


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